Monday, September 20, 2010

search/win site

im not a huge fan of these types of things normally but since i search at work or at home anyways and i figure everyone does why not make some money / get rewards for it?

the site i am referring to is swagbucks, from what i have read online they really do pay so i'm giving it a shot, and ill post an update when i receive some compensation. I am about 200 "SWAGBUCKS" right now since last week so about 500 more and ill be able to get a whopping five dollars (whoo hoo) but hey who the hell cares its free money for something i already do.

Search & Win


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  2. definitely will , sc2 is awesome and i could use some pro tips on the zerg since im somewhat of a noob

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  4. Oh neat man, I'll have to look into that. I have recently been using Amazon's Mechanical Turk and it pays out pretty well. Made $50 in the past 10 days!

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